Beach Vacation Packages

The sound of waves gushing at the shore is a symphony waiting to be heard and appreciated. Beautiful sunrise at dawn from the beaches is a sight to behold. Wander in beauty and tranquillity in the lap of nature to feel complete and at peace on Beach Vacations.

Walk on one of the most beautiful beaches, the Matira Beach in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Swim into the shallow emerald green lagoon after a long walk on white powdery sand beaches. Or, tread around the thick awning of palm and tropical vegetation. Count the stars and find patterns in constellations in the infinite night skies.

Situated beside a lavish green jungle, Banana Beach in Thailand is the perfect place for a vacation. The crystal-clear water will make you believe that beauty lies in simplicity. This beach is engulfed in the national park and marine preservation area. Hop on the boat from Chalong Pier to explore and relax at the beach. Sail on the famous Banana Boat ride to enjoy the water activities such as snorkelling, parasailing, and kayaking. Stretch and lay in the sun at the lone bamboo-built restaurant, with minimal people around.

The famous tropical isle of Pemba Island in Zanzibar is renowned for its spices and luminescent waters. Bordered by palm trees, stroll in the exotic Zanzibar’s archipelago. The nearby beach at Fundu Lagoon is an untouched and undiscovered jewel worth a visit. Swim in the shallow waters outlined by mangrove trees which provide a soothing shade. Feel at peace with your loved ones in this paradise without disturbance.

Gallop on a horse to the Laucala Island in Fiji as the tropical breezes welcome the tourists. Spot the rarest of birds and wildlife in the tropical jungle beside the shore. Or walk to the ocean to swim and play with the marine life. The choices are endless. Listen to the silence at Seagrass Bay and feel the calm along with your family. Sit on the fabulous white sands or dive in the sea for memorable experiences.

Beaches are the go-to spots for a vacation where serenity follows the traveller. With endless options, Gateway Global picks and offers the ones that serve peace. Far from the crowds, these beach destinations are pristine and extraordinary in each of their unique ways.

Mountain Vacation Packages

With countless vacation spots, picking one while leaving another is challenging. However, the chance to experience natural beauty sweeping one off their feet is an experience not to be missed. Hike, trek, or have a cup of coffee with nature. The choices are many, and we are here to help you find the right Mountain Vacation destination.

Iceland is the home to “the church mountain” – Kirkjufell – which is picturesque to the core. Stare unblinking at Kirkjufellfoss waterfall amid the green-yellow aura of Snaefellsnes peninsula. The mountain meets the breathtaking beach is surely gasp-worthy. Trekking lovers can look around the hill and watch the Northern Lights playing on the mountain top in autumn and winter.

Watching over the city of Cape Town in South Africa from 1,085 meters above the ground is Table Mountain. Climb on the distinctive flat top and look out for the furry African Species – Dassies. Learn the history of this oldest peak and feel the thrill by reaching it via a cable car. Hiking fanatics can take the long-zigzag route Platteklip Gorge Hiking Trail.

Donned in a gorgeous cap of snow, Mount Fuji in Japan is famous for a reason. Wait in anticipation as the peak hides behind clouds time and again. Renowned for the beauty, fathom and connect with the cultural significance of the peak as it attracts Buddhists, Shinto, and people from other faiths. To experience the breathtaking view, Bunkyo Civic Centre’s observatory deck has the best view of the peak. Go on a hike on the four trails that loops the mountain. The Yoshida trail is the most popular to start with.

Sitting in the arms of scenic beauty is New Zealand’s Aoraki/Mountain Cook. These Southern Alps have glaciers swirling at their feet, sitting at the astonishing 3,700 meters above the ground. Named Aoraki by the natives – Maori – it offers multiple Alpine trails from the nearby Mount Cook Village. Want to get that adventure to tick another challenge? Then climb the mountain with the local guide from December to February from the famous Caroline Hut. Hop on a helicopter for sparkling views of the peak.

Vacations aren’t just limited to relaxing but offer a lot more than that. With the vast world waiting to be explored, Gateway Global is here to take care of your needs for that perfect and memorable holiday. 

National Park Vacation Packages

Riding in the jeep or on an elephant and searching for animals in the wilderness is always exciting. Breaking from the daily hustle-bustle of life and listening to the rhythms of nature brings forth everlasting joy.

Serengeti National Park (Tanzania) is amongst the largest National Parks in Africa. Drive in the jeeps and watch the animals wake up at the first sunrise in awe. Feel the beauty of nature as wild cats, zebras, and other animals roam about freely. Feel the goosebumps on a night safari and let the adrenaline rush. Watch over 500 species of exquisite birds during bird watching. Glide over the endless plains in Hot Balloon Safari for a unique experience.

Lodge in the extravagant style at Kruger National Park in South Africa. Watch the magnificent elephants cross the lodge cabins and be astonished by the beauty they add to the wild surroundings. Animal lovers are sure to gape in awe as the hippo and lions lounge and swim in the Hippo Pool and Kruger Tablets. Connect and learn the survival strategies of animals with a jeep safari (game drive). Explore the place on foot near Olifants River or at bush walks to spend few hours in the middle of the forest.

Gear up to be fascinated by the rainbow waters at Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park, USA. Catch a glimpse of the wildlife at Hayden Valley and watch the landscapes awaken from stupor as the coyotes and grizzly bears enthral the traveller. Feel the warmth of hot geysers at Upper Geyser Basin as perspiration beads appear. Admire the scenery of Yellowstone Lake while hiking. Navigate in the middle of the river and catch the meal of the day. Mystic Fall Trail, Lamar Valley, Grizzly, and Wolf Discovery Center are not to miss.

Sprawl in the arms of nature at Wild Taiga in Finland. Hop on a safari as the wildlife run and flutter around. Explore the winter wilderness with huskies while staying in wilderness cabins. Adventure lovers can enjoy snow activities such as Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Skiing, or Horse Riding. Connect with local culture on Lentiira Village Tour and embark on the exciting Finnish Cuisine Tours as flavours hug the palette. Hike on foot or bicycle or spend time in the water while canoeing and kayaking and fishing. Sauna, spa, and herb foot spa are other experiences in the offing.

Vacations in National Parks are promising and have much in store for all age groups. Gateway Global helps you pick the perfect destination to make the vacation fulfilling and memorable.

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