Weight Loss Retreat Packages

Tired of the extra kilos? Sitting at the desk and munching on everything may have become a nightmare from a bad habit. Skipping meals or over-exercise cannot be an answer. Therefore, step back from the chores and worries of day-to-day life and indulge in a weight loss retreat. Balancing eating habits and exercising regularly will keep that extra weight in check. 

Step into the world of food, culture, and history. Gargnano city, Italy, offers a weight management retreat focusing on eating habits and mental wellbeing. Rejuvenate and heal from within with the use of Chinese medicine and the Leafy program. Converse freely with the nutritional consultants as they design the diets according to your personal requirements. You can even hire a personal trainer. Hydrotherapy, reflexology treatments, and massages make all-encompassing weight loss packages.

A believer of Ayurveda can visit Kovalam city in India to feel restored and blissful. Understand the oldest form of health care and try an ayurvedic diet for health. Stretch at the yoga classes for flexibility. Sip on refreshing herbal juices with zero guilt and sugar. Dip into steam baths to sweat it out and cleanse from within. With no toxins left in the body, feel good about your body, mind, and soul. Similarly, exhale with happiness as Gateway Global nudges you in the healthy direction. 

Feel exhilarated a Sonnhof, Austria, where Ayurveda meets science. Gaze at the remarkable views of Tyrolean mountains on the journey to weight loss. Soothe the soul at the five-element garden, where the ayur-detox programme cleanses the body and helps lose weight. Understand the ayurvedic dosha of the body and relish the meals planned with nutritional science and Indian methodology. Feel re-energised as the toxins exit the body with the help of massage and detox spa treatments. Personal yoga sessions and qigong classes are available as well. 

Eat your way through losing weight in Malaga, Spain. Invigorate with zero hunger pangs as the weight is managed as per physique, lifestyle, and age. Relish on the spa cuisine menu that matches and enhances the metabolism. Stay fit by going on hikes and benefit from personal training sessions. Feel healthy at gradual weight loss and return with a new resolve and positivity.

Cure the physical, emotional, and mental needs in Koh Samui Island, Thailand. Feel good with healthier diet plans. Cleanse emotionally with hypnotherapy and reiki. Feel lighter than a feather, revitalise and unwind at this destination. Gape in awe as one visibly loses kilos by sipping at green coffee with a special slimming treatment. Let the body stretch in personalised fitness sessions to shed the extra fat. 

These Weight Loss Retreat Packages focus solely on vanity for transforming a person from outside and within. Gateway Global helps you find suitable packages to get back into shape and boost your everyday dynamism. 

Spiritual Retreat Packages

Conversing with your inner self opens the gateways to new dimensions of life. Spiritual Retreats help in establishing a reconnect with the inner being. Besides ensuring peace of mind and soul, Spiritual Retreat Packages also offer Ayurvedic treatments, yoga sessions, and therapies. If life is too stressful and confusing, it’s time to revive the body and mind to its fullest with a Spiritual break. 

Reconnect to your true self with Ayurvedic treatments at Paro, Bhutan. Strengthen the body at various yoga sessions. Let your mind and soul heal under the guidance of wellness experts. Indulge into the Himalayan Wellness Discovery programme to experience and immerse into the complete Shambhala Experience. Follow the footsteps of retreat experts for fruitful meditation. Relax at daily massage therapies and feel alive from inside. 

Experience the uniqueness of Pteleos, Greece, while reflecting on the true self amidst the wonders of nature. Hear the ocean tides crash on the rocks and the sun warming up the surroundings as you start discovering your inner self. Find peace of mind, richness, and serenity like never before. You can also try saying goodbye to gadgets and give yourself a Digital Detox. 

Reside in the wilderness by the sea to experience complete tranquillity at Ninh Thuan, Vietnam. Submerge in holistic retreats in the middle of the natural wonders. Let go of all the worries at Mindfulness and Stress Programme. Practice yoga, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi for mental and physical relief. Calm the nervous system at meditation and spa treatments by professionals. Harmonise mind, body, and soul for complete healing.

Restore peace in mind and body in the Himalayas, India. Optimise health with the use of ancient Indian science of Ayurveda and Yoga. Discover Vedanta philosophy and learn to meditate deeply. Awaken the higher consciousness and open the untapped sources of energy within yourself. Focus on mental awareness, extraction from the sense of mind, and continue with meditative alertness at Pratyahara.

Finding your spiritual self requires constant practice and dedication. Spirituality Retreats are the perfect way of starting your spiritual journey. Gateway Global suggests the perfect Spirituality Retreats suited to your needs.  

Digital Detox Retreat Packages

Thumbs glued to touch screen phones and eyes to the laptops, that’s what life has become for many of us. We require time away from gadgets to connect with people and the environment. Learn ways to retreat from the world of screens with Digital Detox Packages. Sometimes the best way to communicate with oneself is to disconnect from everything else.

Step into the sorceress world of San Marcos, California. Feel reignited by indulging in dedicated self-care. Get pampered with facials, body massages and skin treatments. Leaving Instagram behind, hike lovers can embark upon mountain and landscape hikes. Gain knowledge and experience in acupuncture, hypnosis, and other forms of art. Listen to the whispering of nature while doing nothing at all and relaxing. Fitness lovers can enjoy Zumba, Pilates, Tennis, Archer, and other activities.

Feel liberated from the clutches of WiFi and phone network in Somerset, UK. Find solace from the twitching thumbs and eradicate the need for screens. Stretch yourself in various forms of yoga and connect with inner strength. Immerse in the art of breathing and calming the mind. Meditate with a group or alone to find peace and tranquillity. Enjoy cooking from scratch and relish the uncooked meals. Transform the mind and soul and understand the side-effects of technology in our lives. Exhilarate while jumping in a big bath or just lie down and read. 

 Revive in the wilderness camps with no WiFi in Namibia, South West Africa. Be amazed as the desert lions and elephants visit the shores of Hoanib River Valley for a drink of water. Feel completely alive (feel the Zen) as the destination creates a spell-like wizard. Take a memorable flight to Skeleton Coast. Visit the queer shipwreck museum, filled with whales and elephants’ skulls, shipwrecks relics, and other preserved tragedies.

Break ties with technology at Torres Del Paine, Chile, and blend with the landscapes. Enjoy glacier hikes or explore the surroundings on horseback rides. Fancy catching your meal? Catch flying fish at Lake Sarmiento and take delight in cooking it on wooden ambers. Indulge into outdoor hot tubs or pools to feel effortless. Fall in love with yourself amid aromatherapy oils, soft lightening, and peace. Keep warm from fire and log fireplace, and invest in yoga and relaxation. Promote positive thoughts and wellbeing from facials, massages, scrubs, and alternate therapies.

Detoxifying from the Digital World is a must to stay healthy and creative in today’s demanding work routines. Plan the itinerary with us for the perfect getaway without a laptop, smartphone and internet connection. Optimise the inner self at the Digital Detox Retreat tossing the gadgets on one side for good. 



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