Gateway Global (Primary-Provider) does not accept third party payments. The cardholder making the payment shall be a traveller. 

Full booking amount has to be paid at the time of booking any products or services. Successful payment for booking does not confirm the booking. You can pay by switch/Delta cards. We accept all major credit cards too.

You may be charged for making the booking payment with a credit card or charge card. In such cases, you will get the notification for the same, mentioning the charges.

We will pass on any charges incurred by us for your use of credit card or charge card.

Please note that all credit card charges will remain non-refundable.

We do verification after payment. This is done for the prevention of fraud and for the protection of the cardholder as well as ourselves. In case we require a document for confirming the address, we will inform you. We may also need a copy of the passport for verifying the identity of the card user. In both cases, we will require a prompt reply from your end.

Most airlines and destinations do not ask for the submission of Advance Passenger Information or API. We have the right to request this information from passengers along with the passport copies so that we can do the verification for the Airline and the authorities.


We cannot make the refund to you until we receive the funds from the Airline or Hotel (End-Provider). The usual waiting period for receiving the refunds is around ten weeks. All taxes may not be refundable. Some Airlines include the fuel surcharge as tax and will not refund it. You can contact us to check the exact amount that you can expect to be repaid.

The following are non-refundable in all circumstances:

· Credit Card charges

· Charges for Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance

· Charges for Protection and Bonding levy

We charge a Service Fee when you make a booking with us. We will not be able to refund the Service Fee when you cancel the booking and request a refund.

We operate as agents of End-Providers with their own Terms and Conditions. This allows them to refuse a sale or service after it has been paid for. In such a situation, you can expect either of the following:

· Same service at a new price

· Different service

· Full refund

We will make all efforts to prevent this from happening. However, we cannot guarantee against it.

We charge a Service Fee when you make a booking with us. We will try our best to refund the 100% Service Fee when you make a cancellation, and the refund process is underway. However, in many instances, we will not be able to refund the entire Service Fee charged for booking with us.

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