Cultural Fests Leisure Packages

Participating with the people coming together to celebrate different traditions is beyond delightful. Celebrating cultures makes us wonder at the beauty of ourselves – as Humanity. Cultural Fests draw people to each other like magnets and create moments to cherish forever.

Grab a table early morning at Oktoberfest, Germany, for the opening parade to celebrate the traditional culture. Witness varied outfits at Costume and Hunter’s Parade and feel connected to the villages of Bavaria. Sing to the beats of Wiesn Landlord’s Concert as the tents selling merchandise play traditional music together. Relish delicious meals and drinks while walking around and savouring the delightful scenario. Ride on the roller coasters, especially Bayern Tower, and feel the stomach lurch. Shop at the souvenir’s stalls selling assorted items. Dance and sing to the traditional music as the days end.

The skies turn invisible as beautiful lanterns soar heavenwards at Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand. Gaze in amazement as thousands of lanterns arise together, washing the sky in radiant colours. Understand the depth of the festival, which is based on Buddhism. Make a wish for good fortune while releasing the lantern in the sky. Don’t forget to write the desire on the lantern and bid goodbye to bad luck and mistakes. Prepare beforehand to be a part of an enchanting journey as the dates of the festival are fixed.

The sorcery of the unknown is mystical – this holds for August Moon Festival in Greece. Listen to the enchanted tales of the beginning of the festival. Be mesmerized by the illusion of the moon touching the earth. Raise your hand to reach it. Wander through the archaeological sites and witness the marvellous Acropolis glowing in the moonlight. Sing and dance to the tunes of local music. Feast on local food and wine and celebrate with the locals to the fullest.

Witness the traditional roots of Rajasthan, India, in the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. Indulge in folklore as artists sing to their heart’s content. Dance to folk music and learn traditional dance form “ghoomar” from the locals. Attend the “longest moustache competition” and watch the winner fill with pride. Watch the sand rise at the camel polo match, leaving one on the edge of the seats. Feel the jitters while rafting, parasailing, and quad biking through the dunes in the Thar desert. Don’t miss the mind-blowing Desert Safari on a camel. 

Culture brings us together and strengthens our self-belief. To celebrate the diversity of Humanity is remarkable. Gateway Global helps plan your ultimate Cultural Fest itinerary where you don’t just enjoy, but you experience something special. Each moment! 

Photography Trip Packages

We have more photography enthusiasts each year that cherish the idea of combining Travel with their aesthetic instincts. Some photographers adore landscapes in Uluru, Australia, and the Himalayas, India. At the same time, some like rough off-roads and prefer bikes over the odd river crossing from Vietnam to Laos or India. These adrenaline freaks are self-motivated and open to various customized photography trips ideas Gateway Global offers.

Desire to visit natural and cultural sites?  Micheal Turtle in Peru is the place to be.

Victoria Brewood in Madagascar is the home for vegetation, town, and beach lovers, whereas Petra, Jordan, is the place to be for riddled mountains and gorges. The destinations are endless, and Gateway Global is a pro in managing seamless experiences.

Understanding photographers' motives and customizing an itinerary is something we take pride in doing. Photographers document each moment for remembrance, whether to relive great wars from the Boer and Zulu war in South Africa and the Battle of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea. Your choice to relive your imagination is our priority.

From contemporary art in London, New York or Berlin, to breathtaking scenic views or something special to fulfil your photography craze, we pride ourselves in meticulously structuring your trip with you and your preferences.

Food Trip Packages

The act of travelling for food sets a deep connection between the travellers and their destination. While food offers a magnetic pull, it also imparts a distinct identity and sometimes even special attention to the places we travel. 

Food unites humanity! Bringing people together for centuries as they migrated, carrying their rich aromas, preparation methods, and eating habits, food has done a lot for us. Quite evidently, food has so much to offer to travellers.

Treat your taste buds to the scintillating fragrance and ethnic variations of renowned pizzas in Naples. A time-travelling experience and a window to the Italian culture and heritage dating back to the 16th century.

Immerse in the experience to taste the Tapas of Barcelona, Pecking Duck in China, and Banchan in South Korea, to relish on the famous delicacies.

If travelling with loved ones with a chance to enjoy finger-licking food is on priority, Food trip packages are for you. 

The Massaman Cury of Thailand and Nigiri in Japan are worth savouring. Not just that, they will rejuvenate the minds and convince you to keep coming back for more.

With incredible food sizzling in innumerable places, Mexico City is a destination with a little bit of every food from all around the world. The food bingers will be able to satiate their cravings, all in one place!  

Are you waiting for the ultimate culinary vacation to quench cravings at regional product routes? Kerala in India will not disappoint. Pluck the vegetables from the farms, cut and cook with the locals and relish the meals with the locals. Getting a chance to understand their culture and surroundings in a window to a new world. It's equally exciting and charming. 

Similarly, making Pasta from scratch in Chianti is enjoyable when steered onto the off-beaten path and visiting local markets.

Coupling a Retreat and Food package can be a great way to balance indulgence and wellness. There are nutritional retreats in Cal e Vie Health Spa in California. Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat in Bali focused upon natural organic detoxifying cuisines is worth the time and money. Nothing better than indulging in delicacies and letting the bodily systems and other senses rest. Return rejuvenated. Guaranteed.

The possibilities of Food Trip Packages are endless. Each food experience is enriching and unique in itself. With so many destinations and still more cuisines, it can be a task itself to pick just one. Don't worry, we will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Devour with the locals or visit an authentic restaurant; Gateway Global has all the options on a silver platter. We often customise the food trip packages to the preferences of our clients. What's your taste? 

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