Camping Trip Escape Packages

Wander to the unknown places without much ado and follow the callings of the forests, lakes, mountains, or just the long-stretched road. Refresh and re-embark upon the journey to re-connect with yourself. Let the wind sweep the hair and loosen those unknown taut knots while cosying up in the camps. 

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, offers a variety of opportunities for outback camping experiences. Wander amongst 570 species of bids and become the shutterbug. Witness the great migration of animals and birds ranging from zebras, gazelle, and wild beasts. Sprawl amid vast landscapes while enjoying the chirping of birds and cawing of animals. Stroll in the grasslands, acacia trees and wake up to the stunning sunrise. Enjoy the stay while glamping or in a budget-friendly tent, the wonders of nature will leave you mesmerized and feeling special.

Set a camp in the Kipahulu rainforest or next to Ohe’s Pools in Haleakala National Park, Hawaii. Gaze at the twinkling stars and clear skies away from the city life and dip in the pool as per heart’s desire. The choices are endless to explore. Hiking lovers can embark upon Haleakala Volcano to witness the striking and fresh sunrise and feel the warmth of the rays. Trek to the Waimoku Falls and feel the incredible splatter of water. Also, dipping in the waterfall is as refreshing as it gets.

Peg the camp in the lush forest in Southern Brittany, France, into the bend in the River L’Elle. Water enthusiasts can go canoeing and kayaking, feel close to the water and water world, and catch their dinner, i.e., salmon fish or a trout. Adventure enthusiasts can gallop on a horse, zip-line, paintball, or mountain bike. The possibilities are infinite and are calling. 

Sleep with the wilderness in the scenic landscape in The Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica. This biologically diverse national park has numerous things to offer. Get a perfect suntan on deserted beaches, bathe in idyllic waterfalls and gaze at the ocean views from the safety of the tent. Gape in awe at howler monkeys, pumas, sloths, and even tiger herons. Witness your safari from the tent and enjoy being a part of the magical experience. 

Filled with the desire to unplug from the world, camping is satisfying and worth every moment. Gateway Global fathoms the requirements and stitches the travel plans as per your needs. Not leaving anything to chance, your journey is ensured it is smooth and effortless. Why look further when Gateway Global is here!

Offbeat Location Escape Packages

Plan the off-road trip or a visit to the sparsely populated serene destinations. Explore your other side outside the comfort zone at the foot of snow mountains or right in the middle of rainforests. Learn about diverse cultures while strolling in unknown places, or indulge in exciting adventures.

Gasp in wonderment at the infinite snow-clad mountains of Peak Lenin in Kyrgyzstan. Wander in vast landscapes as the clouds shroud the peaks unwittingly. Don't lose your chance to seep in the fusion of nomadic and Soviet cultures with the locals and guides. Trekkers and outdoor lovers will cherish each minute of the destination and indulge in an offbeat experience as wild animals wander around with zero worries. 

Persepolis, the ancient capital of Persia, resides within Iran. Learn about the 2500 years old civilization and the ways it ruled. The Persian design and architecture are exquisite and will surely leave the visitors wanting more. Visit the fairy tale villages in North-western Iran and be entwined with the feeling of living in a postcard. Stroll in the aisles of Armenian monasteries and shop at the world's biggest covered Bazaar of Tabriz for souvenirs and local trinkets. For additional adventure, hop on the train from Iran to Istanbul. 

Filled to the brim with history and remarkable mountain landscapes is the Republic of Georgia. Trek on beautiful – gigantic mountain ranges while enjoying the exotic beauty. Visit the spiritual churches and learn about the historical culture attached to them. Relish exotic foods such as Khinkali (Georgian dumplings), roasted eggplant (Badrijan) stripes, and Lobio (bean soup).

Experience the stunning landscapes of Bolivia. Witness out-worldly green lakes in Salar de Uyuni by commencing the journey from Tupiza. The Dali-esque rock formations and fantastic salt flats are enthralling and one of a kind. Swim in Lake Titicaca or hike around lush Isla del Sol as views of the oceans numbs the senses. Sip exquisite Bolivian wine and visit Potosi to understand the lives of mining and construction people inwardly. Visit the exotic Sucre for a colonial feel and La Paz for amazing views of the mountains.

Not visited by many and waiting to be explored, offbeat destinations are an experience in themselves. Understanding the requirements, Gateway Global finds the destinations suited to the clients ensuring pleasant memories for a lifetime. 

Caravan Escape Packages

Hitting the road with your world engulfed in a caravan is a unique experience. With no timetables or destinations set, explore the places with zero hindrances. Introduce yourself to the open road and experience the regions in a completely different way on Caravan Trips.

Follow the route on Australia’s east coast, where surf coasts, colourful coral reefs, and paradise beaches provide a perfect spot for caravans. Enjoy the sites such as Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Circular Quay while driving to Brisbane, Cairns, and Gold Coast. Relax at the quiet camping grounds on the East Coast, where public barbeques and shrimp tossing are fun.

Set the GPS while driving through Namibia’s landscapes, wildlife-filled national parks, and desert scenes. Park in the Etosha National Park and experience the early morning greetings with rhinos, elephants, and lions. Drive through the ever-changing dunes of Namib Desert and make a stoppage at Skeleton Coast to witness the callosal rusting of shipwrecks. Pre-book campsite bookings for easy travels with zero interruption.

Drive through serene Japan and feel the cold winds blowing from snow-capped mountains. The highways offer numerable prospects, such as driving to beaches lined with palm trees and turquoise water. Dive into the ocean or just lay on the beach to rejuvenate. Visit the untouched Kasuga Primeval Forest. Park at the gate and walk on the trail to unveil the venerable history. With Mount Fuji standing tall and Lake Ashinoko flowing merrily, the road trip in this movable home can be a memorable experience. 

Drive through Icefields Parkway in Alberta, Canada, and witness the wilderness. Enjoy the sight of sparkling glaciers, run in wildflower meadows, and shower in cascading waterfalls. Be amazed at nature’s wonders. Swerve into Banff and Jasper National Parks and skate on Lake Louse in April, or how about skiing? Detour Alberta’s Badlands landscape to find rare dinosaur fossils. Park the caravan at Dinosaur Provincial Park with a friendly campsite where learning about prehistoric inhabitants is easily accessible.

Caravans are mobile homes, but pre-booking the campsites may be necessary, along with entry passes to various sites. Gateway Global manages to perfection. Want us to book a caravan as well? We can do that too. Leave your worries to us and pack the bags! 

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